Refined Cottonseed Oil

Refined Cottonseed Oil

When choosing your frying oil, it’s crucial to consider its refinement level, as it significantly impacts both the quality and quantity of frying results. Refining the oil involves removing impurities, transforming it from a thicker, darker state to a lighter, purer form.


Keep in mind the visual and textural characteristics of the oil. A lighter colour generally indicates a higher smoke point, serving as a practical measure to avoid unwanted smoke while frying thus giving a high-quality fry. Additionally, the viscosity of the oil plays a vital role in determining its absorption rate, with lower viscosity suggesting less tendency to absorb excess elements during cooking.


ENTER DILACTIVE, the epitome of an ideal frying oil. With its lighter colour signalling a higher smoke point and lower viscosity indicating reduced absorption, Dilactive strikes a perfect balance. Importantly, its lighter colour isn’t just about aesthetics; it ensures better frying quality, resulting in crispier and shinier dishes. The lower viscosity not only reduces absorption but also allows for more frying cycles, providing added value and making it highly cost effective and efficient in any industry. Dilactive is a wise choice for those aiming for optimal frying performance in their culinary endeavours.

ACTIVE Absorption Control:

  • Our product’s low viscosity enhances the health aspect of cooking while potentially reducing overall oil consumption.


Extended Oil Lifespan:

  • The product’s lighter colour contributes to minimizing the thickening and blackening of the oil and allowing for extended frying cycles hence increasing its economic viability.


High Smoke Tolerance:

  • Our product surpasses an impressive 255°C smoke point, minimizing smoke production during cooking which contributes to a cleaner kitchen environment.


Optimized Temperature Response:

  • Rapidly attains frying temperature and maintains a deliberately slower cooling temperature, contributing to prolonged usage and cost-effectiveness.


Reduced Residue Formation:

  • Shows less polymerization, reducing dark deposits on frying utensils which simplifies post-cooking cleanup.


Longer Shelf-life:

  • Our product undergoes a unique refining methodin whichtocopherol, a form of Vitamin E, is intentionally retained which contributes to improved product longevity byacting as a natural antioxidant.


Enhanced Frying Flavour:

  • This oil is specially known for its subtle nutty flavour which does not overpower your dishes but adds a pleasant depth to the taste it in the mildest ways possible.

Healthy for your DIL:

  • Cottonseed oil is low in saturated fats and it contains polyunsaturated fats, particularly linoleic acid, which contribute in managing cholesterol levels.

Superior Quality Oil


Enhances the natural taste of food


Hygienically packed

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    Best Quality Cottonseed Oil from DilActive, We have started from a small quanity, now we trust DilActive for our business.

    Rajesh Lohia


    We are using this product since years and associated with Anand Agro Industries for cooking oil since last 15 years, very professional and dedicated company towards customers satisfaction.

    Manish Gupta

    Managing Director

    We are having namkeen manufacturing business in buldhana dist, We are associated with company from last 5 years, Very much happy with the quality and results. Highly recommended for business growth.

    Shriram Agrawal


    We have seen results in while multiplying same oil for frying our products. Satisfied results as committed by the company. Cottonseed Oil we are using for our nankeens manufacturing, taste and freshness is very satisfied.

    Rajan Pandey

    General Manager

    Quality and Results are good even after 3-4 times use of the same oil, We are using this for our Bakery and Namkeen Products, Please keep up the good quality and best wishes for future.

    Ranjit Shah