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When choosing your frying oil, it’s crucial to consider its refinement level, as it significantly impacts both the quality and quantity of frying results. Refining the oil involves removing impurities, transforming it from a thicker, darker state to a lighter, purer form.


Keep in mind the visual and textural characteristics of the oil. A lighter colour generally indicates a higher smoke point, serving as a practical measure to avoid unwanted smoke while frying thus giving a high-quality fry. Additionally, the viscosity of the oil plays a vital role in determining its absorption rate, with lower viscosity suggesting less tendency to absorb excess elements during cooking.


ENTER DILACTIVE, the epitome of an ideal frying oil. With its lighter colour signalling a higher smoke point and lower viscosity indicating reduced absorption, Dilactive strikes a perfect balance. Importantly, its lighter colour isn’t just about aesthetics; it ensures better frying quality, resulting in crispier and shinier dishes. The lower viscosity not only reduces absorption but also allows for more frying cycles, providing added value and making it highly cost effective and efficient in any industry. Dilactive is a wise choice for those aiming for optimal frying performance in their culinary¬†endeavours.

100% Good for Health

The natural antioxidant ensures that the quality and nutritional value of the frying oil and the fried products are maintained, as expected by the consumer.

Lighter Color

The color of the oil is canary yellow, yellow, or claybank. This refined oil, the lighter in color and luster so it's better.

100% Budget Friendly

Moreover Very reasonable and affordable Budget-friendly for Households as well as commercial purposes

Has Low Viscocity

for making food healthy and rich in minerals we maintain its viscosity low as per standers of edible oils.

light & healthy,
easy to digest
rich in vitamin,
keeps skin healthy
immune system
good for heart
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Why We?

Your ideal frying oil DILACTIVE has LOWER VISCOSITY and LIGHTER COLOUR as compared to other products available in the market
frying oil

While selecting frying oil the most important factor to consider is THE DEGREE OF REFINEMENT OF A GIVEN OIL. The more refined an oil, the higher the smoke point and the lower the absorption rate.
That’s because refining removes the impurities that make the oil thicker and darker in colour which can cause the oil to smoke and absorb more.
A simple rule of thumb is that THE LIGHTER THE COLOUR OF THE OIL, the higher its smoke point and THE LOWER THE VISCOSITY OF THE OIL, the lower is its absorption rate.
Your ideal frying oil DILACTIVE has LOWER VISCOSITY and LIGHTER COLOUR as compared to other products available in the market